Design build

Security in knowing all the risks are mitigated by establishing the budget early in the project. Our team works to determine a complete and thorough investigation of the construction management documents and financial statements meets our criteria for a successful project. Steps are taken early, establishing milestones and goals to create a complete plan and protect against schedule and budget overruns.

How it works

Phase I:

Conceptual Plans/Budget conceptual floor plans w/ budget Comprehensive owner need analysis Meeting with the building department and zoning to clarify property setbacks and feasibility of project Landscape Conceptual drawing if owner chooses

Phase II:

Design Development Design Kitchen and bathroom lay-outs Design exterior Meet with subs to optimize design (HVAC, electrical and plumbing) Floor plan revisions as needed Prepare itemized budget

Phase III:

Construction Documents Submission of plans to the building department - approved plans--ready to move to construction phase of project The architectural/structural drawings will consist of the floor plan design, elevations, sections, plumbing, electrical and general notes that are required by the city building department Client and interior designer begin selection of colors/finishes.

Phase IV:

Construction The designs come to life! Final finishes are selected and the process of implementing the design begins. Construction crews work efficiently to create a high-quality product that exceeds expectations. Skilled craftsmen, professional tradespeople and trusted partners make a well choreographed display into the ultimate dream home at completion. Our quality checks and high level of oversight ensure no detail is left unfinished.


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