Amenities of Distinction

Top quality features people are looking for in their living choice including walk-in closets, convenient laundry room, large windows, great room (kitchen-family room-living room), ceiling height on the first floor of 9 feet or more, ample parking, programmable thermostats,granite / quartz countertops, center islands in kitchens, bathroom linen closets, front porch / entries ways, decks and balconies

Location, location, location

High visibility and desireable areas make renting your property easy. When you buy a home in a good location, it’s usually a solid long-term investment. Good schools, strong communities, views, convenience and safe neighborhoods all contribute to optimal resale value.


Value Approach to Real Estate

Our income based approach to real estate investment properties includes determination of marketability, direct capitalization and cash-flow requirements are accounted for early in the process - value in knowing budget meets product.

Transit Oriented

Broadening the range of available renters by keeping locations near transit. Creating vibrant, livable, sustainable communities, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, centered around high quality transit systems - reducing dependence on a car for mobility.



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